Train from Ayutthaya‎ to Chiang Mai – Day Fifty Two, Ayutthaya‎ (Thailand).

Wednesday 8th August

On Wednesday we took the express train from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai which would take a total of 10 hours. Thankfully this time we were able to relax in the comfortable conditions on the 2nd class air-conned cart. Although, more comfortable than the 3rd class trains this one did travel much much faster, and I’m not entirely confident the rail tracks of Thailand can take this speed! We spent a large amount of the journey being thrown and bashed around as the train bounced along the tracks – sickness tablets were most definitely needed!! The route that we would be travelling along is also available as a night train, I’m glad we didn’t take that option as there’s no chance either of us would have been able to sleep through that much bouncing around – we’d of probably fallen out of one of the bunk beds.

On the journey, we passed through some beautiful national parks such as Doc Phu Nang, and other green northern Thailand countryside.

The long journey didn’t just consist of lush, and vast scenery but also of local Thai food. We were served Yellow Curry with rice and several local Thai desserts such as yummy pastries which I think were filled with some sort of orange marzipan – but I can’t be sure!

One of the only downsides of travelling my express train was that its more used by travellers – many of them being loud and annoying Europeans which just would not shut up shouting and laughing at each other nearly all of the way.

After a long day of sitting around and doing nothing, we arrived at Cozy Inn Chiang Mai where we would be staying for the next six nights.