Taking the Train from Kanchanaburi to Ayutthaya‎ via Bangkok – Day Forty Nine, Kanchanaburi (Thailand).

Sunday 5th August

Another early start, in order to get Ayutthaya before dark we took the 7am train from Kanchanaburi back to Bangkok, costing 200 baht/$8/£4. Before deciding to take the longer train route we did a bit of research on how to get to Ayutthaya, we discovered that you can get a minibus straight from Kanchanaburi to Ayutthaya which takes anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours. But, after our couple of hour taxi ride from Phuket to Krabi with a taxi driver, and after reading a couple of disaster stories about road travel in Thailand we decided that although train travel is longer, it would probably be safer, cheaper and keep us from vomiting

The first train ride passed super quickly, we both just sat on our laptops. Tom playing games, and me editing pictures. Personal hotspots and 4G data are such amazing creations, especially for long travel days.

Since our next train to Ayutthaya would leave from the main Bangkok Central Station, and our Kanchanaburi train would only take us to Thorburi Train Station we decided to take a Grab the fifteen-minute travel in-between. Sometimes, getting a more expensive, but more comfortable Grab Car is a much better option than trying to hail a tuk-tuk down or get in the back of a songtaew.

The train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya only cost 40 baht/$1.60/70p for the both us, so incredibly cheap and only took 1.5 hours. Although, we would be travelling by 3rd class rail again in the sweaty non-airconditioned carts on not so comfy solid seats. The train was pretty busy, and only took a couple of stops to become heaving with people, at one of the stops two young British backpackers climbed on and even though the train was already incredibly busy, decided to give their two huge bags a seat rather than lifting them onto the overhead storage. Locals were not impressed with this, and Tom and I were both pretty embarrassed that other Brits would act this way – so Tom, being the decent man he is lifted the two heavy bags up onto the overhead storage.

A sweaty 1.5 hours passed relatively quickly and before we knew it we were pushing our way off the train through new already boarding passengers.

For the next three nights, we would be staying at il Treno Hostel in one of their private double rooms. Not one of the nicest hotels/hostel we’ve stayed in so far, but at $20/£10 a night the room would do!