Rest Day in Ayutthaya‎ – Day Fifty One, Ayutthaya‎ (Thailand).

Tuesday 7th August

Monday was a busy day of temple visiting and exploring Ayutthaya‎, and over the past few months, we’ve visited a lot of temples. We are starting to get slightly bored of visiting temples, as sad as it seems they do all eventually just blend into one and although I’m sure they are each full of culture and history it doesn’t change the fact that seeing them a couple of times a week starts to get a bit repetitive.

Instead of doing another full day temple visiting we instead opted for a relaxing morning napping, and just generally watching rubbish on YouTube.

When we finally were bored of just doing nothing we decided to head out and take the short boat ride across to Ayutthaya‎ old side to have a wander around and grab a coffee at Coffee Old City.

The walk probably only ended up lasting an hour as the humidity was at an all-time high making it impossible to walk comfortably and even enjoy the simple things of the area.

We gave up pretty quickly and returned to the safe haven of our air conned room. Sometimes its just nice to have a quiet, easy day!