Pokemon Go in Ho Chi Minh City – Day Eighty, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Saturday 8th September

Tom woke up feeling pretty run down and full of flu again. Poor lad hasn’t really been lucky when it comes to sickness over the past few months – this is the second time he’s caught a nasty cold.

After a coffee and a bit of greasy McDonald’s breakfast, we’d both managed to gather a bit of energy together to brace is the hot and humid weather of Ho Chi Minh City. In the morning, an in-game Pokemon Go event would be happening and we really wanted to play. We headed to the nearest and biggest park to try and find some locals to play with. Since this Pokemon Go event was all about gym battles, then we’d need the players to be able to complete the challenges. There were plenty of players out, but not many who wanted to chat and get involved with foreigners.

By lunchtime Tom was feeling pretty nasty, so we headed over to the pharmacy to try and get him some tablets/medicine. We were meant to be going on a tour in the afternoon, but Tom just felt too poorly to go so sadly we decided to give it a miss and head back to the hotel so Tom could rest.