Flying to Bangkok from Krabi with AirAsia – Day Fourty One, Krabi (Thailand).

Friday 27th July

After a couple of days of trying to get over our cold/or flu, we were bored of lazying around in Krabi and decided to get a bit of a kickstart. In the hope that a change of scene would help us feel better we booked a flight to Bangkok on Wednesday evening for Thursday.

Since neither of us is great at early mornings at the moment we decided to book a mid-day flight which would give us a bit of a sleep in and an easy start to the day.

The hotel we’d been staying at while in Krabi was brilliant, helping us with everything we needed, and they were even kind enough to help us organise our taxi to the airport for a pretty good price. For a half an hour ride, we paid $15/£9 – which was a much better price than the ones we’d been experiencing in Phuket only a week earlier.

We arrived at the small Krabi airport with plenty of time and sailed through check-in, and security with ease.

AirAsia was particularly impressive with their boarding time, over the past 5 or 6 small flights we’ve taken around Asia so far, not one of them has boarded on time. But, AirAsia got us all on the flight nice and easily and all in the time frame that they’d printed on our boarding pass.

The flight took off slightly early, and pretty much empty so I assumed we’d have a nice relaxing and easy flight. Well, anxiety and motion sickness decided that it’d ruin another flight for me… within ten or fifteen minutes I was feeling extremely ill which then must have triggered my anxiety. Poor Tom always does all he can to help keep me calm, but once anxiety has kicked in there’s not much I can do but try and take deep breaths until we land again. I was pretty lucky that the flight only took an hour instead of one hour twenty!

By 2pm we’d landed, claimed our baggage, and took a Grab to our city hostel, Rest24.

After a bit of relaxing, we headed out for some dinner at BBQ Delight, for only 550 baht/$22/£12.50 we had two currys each, a rice, a naan each, and a drink each. Although the curries weren’t like the ones we are used to in England they were very tasty.

Since the day was still early we decided to head out to play some Pokemon Go, Bangkok is great for Pokemon Go and we weren’t disappointed when we easily discovered loads of local players and tourists all attending gym battles! After a bit of Pokemon Go we explored some of the surrounding shopping malls, Siam Center and Center World – both absolutely huge shopping centres!