Fifteenth Week in Melbourne, and I’m boring!

We are officially half way through our time in Melbourne, we’ve done fifteen weeks and we’ve got just over fourteen weeks left here. Melbourne is great, and if we lived somewhere like Williamstown I probably could stay here for longer – the only major issue with it is one that Melbourne itself can’t control. I miss England, my family and friends a lot! 

Monday & Tuesday

A pretty plain few days really, nothing out of the ordinary! I’m definitely living a boring life haha. When you tell people in the UK that you are currently living in Melbourne on a Working Holiday Visa, they expect you to be at the beach every day, exploring, doing amazing things – but, its actually just like normal life, well for now anyway.


Toms only day of this week was Wednesday, so went spent the evening feasting out on Dominos Pizza – that we have discovered is 50% off on a Wednesday?!? After a good ‘over-eating’ session we headed around Albert Park for a nice evening walk. Walking with Tom is probably one of my most favourite activities, it’s a perfect time to chat and not be distracted by the stress of life.

Thursday & Friday

Another two pretty basic days! On Friday my comfort package from my Mum got picked up – I can’t wait to get my hands on some English Chocolate!! I could probably buy some from an English Sweet Shop, or the import section of Coles but there’s something comforting about having it sent from home and packaged by your Mum.


Tom has been working a lot recently, and it really makes me wish Cheffing was a more sociable job – poor Tom is always stuck at work. I’m really lucky because he’ll always provide for me, go to work for me, and lose most of his time in Melbourne to support us. But while he’s been out at work I’ve started to feel quite lonely, especially knowing that some friends I’ve really enjoyed spending time with will be leaving Melbourne soon makes it harder! How do people make friends over here? I’ve tried apps, social media, and trying to join ‘meetup’ groups. If you’ve got any suggestions please let me know.


A relaxing day, we spent the morning catching up on our sleep. Then I headed out early afternoon for a walk down Chapel Street to pick a few things up, after walking for about fifteen minutes I got a text from Tom – his bike has been stolen from outside of the apartment building. So frustrating, I don’t understand why someone would go out of their way to break a bike lock and then steal a clearly old bike, which they definitely won’t even be able to sell there are that many things wrong with it! The rest of the afternoon I’ve spent catching up on things I’ve been meaning to do for a while – I told you I’m boring!