Exploring Ho Chi Minh City for the First Time – Day Eighty, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Friday 7th September

After a day of rest on Thursday, we were finally ready to head out and explore some of Ho Chi Minh City. We headed straight to War Remnants Museum since this museum was my whole reason for visiting Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve been interested in the history of wars ever since I was taught about WW2 at primary school, so I’m always excited to visit a museum all about the history of a war. The War Remnants Museum is a particularly difficult museum to visit though, although incredibly interesting, and full of plenty of facts and information. The museum really covers how difficult the war was for the Vietnamese people.

We spent several hours in the museum, reading all the information and then enjoying a coffee in the grounds of the museum. We definitely needed some time to sit and think about all the information we’d just digested about the Vietnamese War. The Vietnamese Was was an incredibly sad war to read about, especially with the use of Agent Orange.

After a little rest, we did the short walk to Tan Dinh Church. Although, walking in Ho Chi Minh City is definitely not something for the light-hearted. The city is incredibly busy, polluted, and hard to walk around because of the 100’s of scooters/bikes. We arrived at the church pretty stressed, and fed up with the chaos. Luckily, the church turned out to be incredibly beautiful so cheered us up a bit. The bright pink church was built in the 1880’s when Vietnam French Indochina, you can definitely see the French Colonial Style on the church.

We decided it was probably the best idea to start taking Grab Taxis around Ho Chi Minh City instead of trying to get around the crazy roads on foot. So we grabbed a taxi to our final place of the day Nguyễn Huệ Pedestrian Street. The pedestrian street is a nice peaceful retreat from all the crazy traffic and is surrounded by some pretty French colonial architectural.