Climbing 1237 Steps at Tiger Cave – Day Thirty Seven, Krabi (Thailand).

Sunday 22nd July

After a boring few days in Phuket we were craving a day out of walking, sightseeing and generally just leaving our hotel room for more than sunbathing and food.

We woke early and enjoyed a short walk through Krabi town, enjoying a peaceful morning. Since we are staying centrally located in Krabi town we expected it to busy like many other towns we’ve been to, but at 9am the streets were quiet and peaceful, with only a few locals wandering. A short morning walk took us to Coconuts Cafe where we enjoyed Ham & Cheese Croissants and coffee each for only 300 baht/$12/£6.

On Saturday evening we booked a minibus transfer with the help of our hotel, the minibus would be taking us the short twenty minutes drive just out of town to Tiger Cave and back to our hotel for only 400 baht/$17/. Which is a popular tourist attraction in Krabi for its 1237 steps you can climb to reach the Buddha at the top of the hill. Our short walk around Krabi town took just enough time that we arrived back at the hotel with five minutes spare before our minibus arrived to pick us up.

On the short drive to the Tiger Cave we met another traveller, he wasn’t your usual 20-something backpacker; but instead, an 86 year old man enjoying his retirement by backpacking the world! In just the past few months he’d visited Taiwan, China, India and USA – what an inspiration. I hope when Tom and I are old, instead of moaning in a retirement home, we get to go out and enjoy our retirements – let’s hope health sticks on our side at that age.

The short trip to the Tiger Cave was easy, and by 11:30 we were preparing to start out strenuous climb up 1237 steep steps in very humid 30 degrees. The steps were easy to find, but the walk itself not so easy – especially with Tom still recovering from his man flu. It took us about 1 hour to climb which seemed to be similar to those around us doing the climb. From the top of the hill are the most spectacular views on Krabi so it was well worth it!

By 2pm we’d returned to the hotel for a nice cold shower and relax after a pretty tough morning of exercise.

After a bit of a relax we headed back out for some yummy local Thai food at Zoe Coffee, for two meals and two drinks it cost only 200 baht/$8/£5.

Since arriving in Thailand we’ve noticed lots of Tesco Lotus stores (yes the same Tesco as in the UK!) and were incredibly curious about how similar they may be to the Tesco we were used to. So, even after a day of a lot of walking, we decided to do a little more and headed to Tesco Lotus. Tesco turned out to be similar to the UK in ways, and very different in others – the layout of the store is very similar, but the meat section is completely different! The meat is left out in a slightly chilled area for customers to spoon out clumps of mincemeat or hand pick parts of a chicken.

Sunday has been a pretty busy day, and Monday should be even busier – we are heading out on Monday for a 4 Island Tour, exciting but we hope we don’t get seasick.