Catching Toms Man Flu in Krabi – Day Thirty Nine, Krabi (Thailand).

Tuesday 24th July

For the past week or so poor Tom has been full of man flu, and I thought I’d managed to escape the nasty sickness until late Monday night when I started to feel properly run down! By the time Tuesday morning came round I was super achy, blocked up, and generally full of cold – great, the second time I’ve been sick since we left Australia!! Looks like I’ve got a pretty rubbish immune system.

To try and get a bit of energy into my system we headed out for a full English breakfast and a coffee at Easy Cafe on the edge of Krabi Town river. The coffee and food gave me a buzz for about half an hour before I felt deflated and rubbish again.

In the hope that the cold would blow over quicker with some rest we headed back to the hotel to relax and sleep some more.