Australian Road Trip, Day Seven – Driving to Alligator Gorge

Day seven on our Australia Road trip to Uluru/Ayers Rock…


Another day up bright and early to pack all of our camping equipment away and head up towards Alligator Gorge. Wednesday involved a fair amount of driving, putting tents up, relaxing and not much else.

It took around three hours to get to our campsite in Mount Remarkable, the site we were staying at is named Mambray Creek Campground, and is a beautiful little campsite straight off the A1.

By the time we got there, it was heading into the late afternoon, and would shortly be dark so we got the tents set up, cooked ourselves some food on the campsite BBQ and then relaxed in our new tent with the backdoor rolled up so we could sit and enjoy the view of the peaceful campsite.

A bit of a boring day – but at least we are getting those km’s done. We’ll be in Uluru before we know it.