Australian Road Trip, Day Eight – Walking Alligator Gorge

Day eight on our Australia Road trip to Uluru/Ayers Rock…


Tom and I were up very early after a great nights sleep we were full of energy and ready to make the most of the one full day we had in Alligator Gorge. To start the day off we went on a coffee hunt, driving back towards Adelaide on the A1 we headed for Port Germein. There we found a cute little post office we sold a range of things, as well as having a little coffee shop. The coffee was great, and the drive was even better – its great to get out around sunrise, early morning as you really do get the best of the sunlight.

When we returned it was breakfast time, luckily the campsite was pretty quiet we so were able to steal all three outside BBQ areas of creating a makeshift ‘full English’. It’s amazing some of the things you can cook on the gas/electric outside BBQs – we managed to make toast, fried eggs, hash browns, bacon and beans!

After a filling breakfast, we headed out up to Alligator Gorge for start the 10km walk around the beautiful national park. The walk was quite a difficult walk, with mostly trecking over rocky terrain.

After a day of walking, we were starving and decided to head up to Port Augusta for a bit of fast food. Its tough sometimes to cook and clean the outside BBQs every day, so some of this trip has involved resorting to McDonald’s, or other fast food places for a quick and easy dinner.