Australia Road Trip, Day Twelve – Exploring The Olgas and Uluru Sunset

Day twelve on our Australia Road trip to Uluru/Ayers Rock…


We were up pretty early on Monday morning so that we could arrive at Uluru/Ayers Rock Camping Ground with another time to explore still. We were all packed up and heading out by 9am, arriving at the campsite by around mid-day.

Putting the tents up was much easier compared to Coober Pedy, meaning we had our tent set up and ready within half an hour of arriving at the campsite.

After a bit of lunch, we all headed out to explore some of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park‎ – after paying our $25 entry fee per person we headed straight through to The Olgas to do a short walk around the Valley of the Winds, with the afternoon being pretty hot and fly-ridden we decided to only do the short 4km walk instead of the larger 7km walk.

We finished the day off by watching the sunset around the beautiful Uluru/Ayers Rock. I’m still amazed that Tom and I have actually managed to visit Uluru – its taken twelve days of driving, quite a lot of camping equipment and planning but its so worth it to finally see the big beautiful rock.