Australia Road Trip – Day Thirteen, Uluru Sunrise & Base Walk

Day thirteen on our Australia Road trip to Uluru/Ayers Rock…


We were up even earlier than usual, 5:30am to be precise to watch the sunrise around Uluru. I really wanted to make the most of seeing the rock in all the different lights, like recommended so made the most of the day by getting up nice and early. It was definitely worth it seeing the rock from the different viewing platform, and in the different light.

After an early morning, we decided to take up the rest of the morning by doing the 11km Base Walk around Uluru. Surprisingly we actually hardly saw any other people doing the walk – most people stopped at the major car parks to do a few of the small walks, but not many actually seemed to be doing the whole large walk.

By lunchtime, we’d pretty much-completed everything we wanted to do and headed to the Cultural Centre to see the final thing on our list, the small museum about the local Aboriginal people.

The rest of the afternoon we spent relaxing in the sun before another big drive to Kings Canyon on Wednesday.