Australia Road Trip – Day Ten – Coober Pedy Day Tour

Day ten on our Australia Road trip to Uluru/Ayers Rock…


After a stressful previous day, Tom and I really wanted to make the most of our time in Coober Pedy. I woke early to get on with a backup of picture editing and blog writing I wanted to do, then after an hour or so Tom joined me so we could head out and find some coffee.

After a bit of searching, we managed to find a decent coffee shop within the local IGA Supermarket – I’d definitely recommend this place for a morning coffee and a bit of breakfast.

We decided to make the most of our time here in Coober Pedy by heading out on a day tour with Noble Tours Australia, you can view the tour we did here. The tour was so worth it, for just $65 each Tom and I spent the whole afternoon being guided around the town and The Breakaways by a super knowledgeable tour guide.

The first stop was Umoona Mine & Museum, where we spent a good hour exploring an underground mine and then reading up on a bit of the information in the museum. The guided tour for the museum is usually around $15 per adult, be since we were on a tour our entry price was included in the tour price – making the tour a bargain!

The second stop was Faye’s Underground Home, one of Toms favourite places throughout the whole tour. The underground home was built by two ladies with their own hands – mostly all of the residents who live in Coober Pedy have underground homes, as they stay a nice and cool temperature all year around.

We then visited the Serbian Underground Church, another amazing underground concept in Coober Pedy.

After exploring the two we headed out towards The Breakaways, stopping at the Dingo Fence – which runs 5700kms across Australia to stop the Dingos from killing all the farmer’s sheep off. Then to the Moon Plains, where many films have been created.

Finally, to finish the day off our tour guide took us for a drive through the Opal Fields – most tours don’t get access to this as you must be a registered miner to take people/or visit the opal fields.