Australia Road Trip, Day Four – spending the day in Naracoorte.

Day four on our Australia Road trip to Uluru/Ayers Rock…


Last night we spent our first night on the Naracoorte Caves National Park campsite, it was a chilly one and a spider full night but slightly more comfortable than the campsite in The Grampians. I feel like we are getting into the swing of camping now, although I can quite confidently say I’m definitely a hotel kinda gal over camping.

We woke bright and early this morning to start the day off with bacon and eggs, cooked on the campsite BBQ – when you’re backpacking through Australia you find all sorts of weird and wonderful ways of eating for cheap.

Since Sunday is our only full day in Naracoorte we headed to the caves to explore what we came for. There is a great range of cave tours available but we decided to go for the self-guided Tomato Cave tour, which took around 30 minutes to wander through and explore. If we’d of had a slightly larger budget for this trip we would of loved to do the Bat Tour to find out some more about the wildlife and caves.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in McDonald’s, I needed a blog writing day and a downloading/WiFi stealing afternoon so Macca’s is usually the best place for this.

We’ll be cooking up some stakes on the BBQ again this evening and heading for an early night since we will be up early again in the morning to drive the 4 hours to Adelaide.