Australia Road Trip, Day Five – driving to Adelaide.

Day five on our Australia Road trip to Uluru/Ayers Rock…


We were all up early on Monday morning to head out of Naracoorte and over to Adelaide. Unfortunately, Monday didn’t start out very well for me… on Sunday night we stayed on the same campsite in the Naracoorte National Caves, but unlike the previous night, the campsite was completely empty and we were the only people staying there. Usually, most people would find that pretty cool to have the whole campsite facilities to themselves, and it was until it came to bedtime. Staying in a large field, in the middle of nowhere with everyone else asleep in our group made me feel very unsafe and scared. So instead of sleeping like the others, I spent pretty much the whole night, apart from a couple of hours, listing to every single noise outside our tent and playing on Solitare to distract myself from it.

After a few hours of packing everything up and sorting the car out, we were ready to leave and hit the round again. The first few hours went pretty quickly with all of us but Tom (who was driving) sleeping through the journey.

Our first, little stop was at Coonalpyn Silos, a great place to stretch your legs and look at some magnificent artwork up several large silos.

A few hours later, we stopped at Mount Baker Summit to see some impressive Southern Australia Countryside views. The drive off the M1 to the summit is so similar to the Yorkshire Dales. It’s strange how similar some Australian countryside is to England, or I suppose just the rest of the world.

Before heading to our campsite in Adelaide we need to return our rubbish KMart tent which lasted all of 4 nights camping! The poles within the tent had already started to fall apart and the door was leaking so we returned it and traded up for a better one from TentWorld, if you’re interested this is the tent we are using now – and we are super impressed with it for the money.

Finally, after a long day of travelling, we arrived at our campsite here in Adelaide. We have been staying at the Discovery Park Adelaide Beachfront, and although a little more pricey, it’s definitely worth the cash to feel safe and comfortable.

We finished the day off with a naughty Dominos pizza and a visit to the cinema to see Deadpool 2!