A 1.5 Hour Flight Turned into a 14 Hour Travel Day – Day Twenty Four, Jakarta (Java).

Monday 9th July

Pre-warning, this blog post is probably just a place for me to moan about the annoying day of travel we had on Monday, sorry!

A couple of days ago we decided to book our flights to Malaysia since we’d finally seen everything we wanted to in Indonesia (and were getting pretty bored!!). The day started pretty normally, with us having a relaxing morning and getting ready and packed up to leave for the airport. Just after lunchtime we were all checked out of the hotel and waiting for our Grab Car to the airport – thankfully, our travel to the airport was a much calmer one compared to a couple of days earlier when we’d had a pretty stressful ride from the airport. 

With bags in tow, and happy spirits to be moving onto our next country, we headed into to Jakarta Internation Airport where the day started to take a turn for the worse (Tom and I have the worse luck!).

We’d only arrived at the airport around 2.5 hours early for our flight, which we presumed was pretty normal for an international flight, well not in Indonesia by the sound of things. We were told that check-in was not yet open and to return in half an hour, not too much of a problem, but pretty annoying when you’re carrying annoying and heavy rucksacks around.

A good hour later we’d finally checked our bags in, forged our way through immigration and gone through security… only to find that we were now pretty much stuck in a tiny area of the terminal that only housed our departure gate, along with a few others, and a couple of small food stands. By this point, we were pretty hungry, but only had around 100k/$10/£5 worth of Indonesia cash left and it turns out none of the stalls really accepted card payment. With our last remaining cash, we managed to just scrape together a small lunch of coffee and pastry.

By 3:30pm we were in our departure gate waiting to board, but time just kept passing with no announcement of when we would finally be boarding. By the time 4:30pm came around people were getting pretty fed up, and the day was just about to get worse… the airport tannoy announced that our flight would be delayed by two hours, and that was pretty much the last bit and first bit of clear communication we received from Lion Air. Time kept ticking by, and 5:30pm passed with still no official new boarding time, by this point we both had cracking headaches since we weren’t allowed to leave the departure gate area and hadn’t been given any water. Finally, several hours later (7:30pm!) we were finally told that our delayed plain had arrived, and was ready for us to board – but even that process wasn’t easy, with all of us being packed onto 1 bus at a time and taken across to a completely different part of the airport for the flight.

Boarding the flight we were happy to find out that we’d snagged ourselves some extra legroom seats, so at least something slightly good came out of a bad day!

After a long day of waiting around, and a flight full of turbulence we finally landed into Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 10:30pm, 4 hours after our scheduled time. The day didn’t get much better though, we seemed to land at the same time as several other large international flights making the immigration line 2 hours long!

By 2am we’d finally arrived at our hotel Citin Seacare Pudu, only to discover we’d been assigned a filthy and disgusting room, too tired to complain we fell into bed after a 14 hour travel day.